Why Choose Capitol Strategies Group?


Our Experience and Our Winning Record
At Capitol Strategies Group, we possess nearly 30 years of combined experience in managing successful political campaigns in Ohio. From helping the House Republican Caucus secure its first majority in more than two decades in 1994, to guiding the Senate Republican Caucus to its largest majority in 43 years in 2010, and the many successful candidate and issue campaigns we’ve run in between, our winning record speaks for itself. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find another firm in Ohio that has won more consistently than we have and possesses our depth of experience.

Our Ability to Plan and Execute
Yes, it is important to know what it takes to win. But it is even more critical to actually do what it takes to win. In short, successful planning and execution is the key to victory and that’s exactly where we excel. At Capitol Strategies Group, we develop detailed campaign plans for our clients and together with them, we implement those plans to their successful conclusion. When the inevitable distractions occur during a campaign, we stay focused, keep our clients on track and pay close attention to even the smallest details.

Our Work Ethic
We take great pride in our strong work ethic. You won’t have to wonder where we are or what we’re doing on your campaign. You will know, because we will be there right beside you every single day with our sleeves rolled up, working hard to help you achieve a successful outcome on election day.

We Stay Ahead of the Curve
Campaigning has changed dramatically during the past 20 years and at Capitol Strategies Group, we’ve kept abreast of these changes. We are adept at using the very latest technologies and techniques to help you cut through the clutter to connect with voters and effectively communicate your message to them.

Our Strong Understanding of the Electorate
As a result of our decades of experience successfully campaigning at both the state and local level, we possess a keen understanding of the electorate. We do our homework and put our knowledge to work for our clients. You won’t find us using cookie-cut messaging. Everything we do is data-driven. Knowing what motivates voters and understanding how to connect best with the various segments of the voting population is our forte and it’s one of the key reasons why we win so consistently.

Our Broad Array of Services
At Capitol Strategies Group, we have extensive experience and expertise in literally every aspect of campaigning. We offer complete, start-to-victory campaign management, direct mail and TV/Radio production, message development, opposition and issue research, grassroots mobilization, coalition and alliance building, and much more! Please click on “Services” below for a complete list of all of the campaign-related services we can provide.